Humble Bee Inc is a partnership between Luc Peters and Dan Douma. We are urban beekeepers, at Surface Farm, as well as other locations. We focus on urban honey production, breeding and sales of queen bees and nucleus colonies, and educating beekeepers and the general public.

Our philosophy is to put the needs of the bees first, with the understanding that maintaining healthy, thriving colonies is in the best interests of both the bees and the beekeeper. Our colonies are managed without the use of antibiotics or synthetic miticides, and we select for gentle, disease-resistant stock. With over 20 years of experience between us, we can help you achieve all your beekeeping goals.

Our primary goal in beekeeping education, is to teach our students how to ‘read’ a beehive. We believe that the bees will tell you everything you need to know; you just need to learn how to listen. We will teach you how to ‘listen’ with all of your senses, and how to manage your colonies by learning to anticipate how the bees will respond to your management decisions.


IMG_9385Luc Peters

I have always had a deep appreciation of nature and organic farming. I started working in the fields of a local industrial beekeeping operation that focused on pollination contracts and honey production. I was head beekeeper in another local lavender farm. After a few years, and while keeping bees in my backyard, it was clear that beekeeping was something I was always going to do in a more sustainable way for a long time. Keeping bees provides great insight into the local environmental conditions.
I started Humble Bee (named after the local bumblebee) around 5 years ago, and teamed up with Dan when we were both hired at FoodShare to mentor the Toronto Beekeepers Collective.
I currently sit as Chair of The Food Strategy Committee for the city of Hamilton.


dan with swarm

Dan Douma

After obtaining a BA in psychology at the University of Guelph, I found myself looking for a new direction in my life, and ‘stumbled’ into beekeeping. I was immediately fascinated by the dynamics of a honey bee colony, and the discipline and understanding required to successfully manage these important creatures.

I spent 8 years working for the largest producer of queen bees in Ontario, undergoing a crash course in beekeeping that saw me go from no experience to catching queens in my first season. I ultimately obtained an in-depth, science based education in all aspects of beekeeping including honey production, queen rearing, and pollination. Along the way I spent a season with a queen bee producer in Chile, started my own Apiary, became a Provincial Bee Inspector, and ultimately a partner in Humble Bee Inc.

More than 10 years after starting my adventures in beekeeping, my focus is now on sharing my knowledge with other aspiring beekeepers. I do this through my roles at the Toronto Beekeepers Collective, as a Bee Inspector, and through the products and services offered by Humble Bee.